If you want to make a professional music video from scratch, you’ve come to the right place.

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Meet Joe.


Joe makes hilarious music videos for people who don't (necessarily) make music.

Whether it's to promote an organisation/ product/ service  OR just showcase your own raw undiscovered talent, a music video can be a humorous and extremely impactful way of drawing an audience.

Joe will take care of the whole process, from songwriting and recording to producing and filming an original music video. I will even put myself in it (if required) and release it for you on YouTube and Spotify.

We work with businesses, organisations, families and individuals.


We also produce video content for websites,  corporate videos, event videos, wedding videos,

You get the (moving) picture.



For some, creating a music video is all about the process and gaining new skills in a professional filming environment. For others it's all about the end result. All of our work is original and unique so it's important for us to get to know a bit about you and what you want before we embark on your project.

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1. Consultation

First things first, let's talk about what you want to get from the experience, as well as who's getting involved.

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2. Song Writing /Rehearsal

Now let's get to work on the track. We need decide on a genre and then get the lyrics written. 

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3. Recording

It's time for the fun bit. This will take place in either a professional studio or we can bring our mobile studio to you. Easy Peasy.

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4. Production

Also the fun bit. Generally production takes 1 or 2 days with a rehearsal day prior to filming.

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5. The Edit

When the fun is done we need to piece it together. We'll then colour it to make it look slick (and extra fun).

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6. Release

 Showcase your new masterpiece online and watch the streams roll in. BAM.





Thanks! We'll be in touch.